Dr. Marcus Pound in Conversation

Marcus Pound, Durham, Theology, Catholic Studies, Zizek, Lacan

Dr. Marcus Pound

Dr Marcus Pound, Lecturer and Assistant Director of the Centre for Catholic Studies at the University of Durham, shares with Premier’s Ian Britton about his early life in Sevenoaks, memories of the Eighties, his conversion to Catholicism and the theology of creation.  Listen to what he has to say on Christian Premier Radio (North East & Cumbria).

Dr. Marcus Pound.  Dr. Pound is a lecturer in the Department of Theology and Religion and the Assistant director of the Centre for Catholic Studies.  His interests are theology at the intersection of continental philosophy, and psychoanalysis as well as receptive ecumenism.  Dr. Pound’s theological approach is greatly influenced by the French post-war Catholic theological movement called Ressourcement theology and currently supervises post-graduate research students that focus on the intersection of theology, social theory, and continental philosophy. More information can be found on the Contributors page and the Department website.

Book Launch: Robert Song’s New Book on Same-Sex Relationships

Robert Song, Durham, Theology, SexualityPlease come to the launch of Robert Song’s new book on same-sex relationships 5.30 p.m., 17 November, St Chad’s College.

An Introduction to the Book by Dr. Song:
Two years ago I was asked to be a theological adviser to the Church of England House of Bishops Working Group on Human Sexuality (the Pilling Group). Our report came out this time last year, and as a result the Church of England has entered on a time of ‘shared conversations’, when dioceses around the country are discussing same-sex relationships and equal marriage. The Church of England is not alone in this: many other churches, both in Britain and around the world, are going through similar times of discernment.

Sexual ethics is not a matter to which until this time I had given much thought. While I have taught Christian ethics in Durham for over twenty years, first at Cranmer Hall and more recently in the Department, there have always been other colleagues who have had a particular interest in teaching and supervising in sexuality and gender. But as a result of my involvement in the Pilling Group, I was forced to think through for the first time what I did think in some depth, and the results have just been published by SCM Press as Covenant and Calling: Towards a Theology of Same-Sex Relationships (available through all good bookshops as well as some dubious ones).

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