Book Launch: Robert Song’s New Book on Same-Sex Relationships

Robert Song, Durham, Theology, SexualityPlease come to the launch of Robert Song’s new book on same-sex relationships 5.30 p.m., 17 November, St Chad’s College.

An Introduction to the Book by Dr. Song:
Two years ago I was asked to be a theological adviser to the Church of England House of Bishops Working Group on Human Sexuality (the Pilling Group). Our report came out this time last year, and as a result the Church of England has entered on a time of ‘shared conversations’, when dioceses around the country are discussing same-sex relationships and equal marriage. The Church of England is not alone in this: many other churches, both in Britain and around the world, are going through similar times of discernment.

Sexual ethics is not a matter to which until this time I had given much thought. While I have taught Christian ethics in Durham for over twenty years, first at Cranmer Hall and more recently in the Department, there have always been other colleagues who have had a particular interest in teaching and supervising in sexuality and gender. But as a result of my involvement in the Pilling Group, I was forced to think through for the first time what I did think in some depth, and the results have just been published by SCM Press as Covenant and Calling: Towards a Theology of Same-Sex Relationships (available through all good bookshops as well as some dubious ones).

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