Mystery and the Making of a Christian Historical Consciousness

The Department of Theology and Religion isLang book very happy to announce the publication of Dr T.J. Lang’s new book, Mystery and the Making of a Christian Historical Consciousness.

This monograph examines Pauline and early Christian understandings of history, revelation, and identity. Dr Lang addresses these topics by exploring appeals to “mystery” in Paul’s letters and the ensuing discourses of revelation in second-century Christianity. He argues that Paul’s particular historical coordination of hiddenness and revelation enabled figures to ground Christian claims—particularly key ecclesial, hermeneutical, and christological claims—in Israel’s history and the eternal designs of God while at the same time accounting for their revelatory newness. He then explores how this account of revelation expanded into a total Christian historical consciousness, and one that has significant implications for conceptions of Christian identity, particularly vis-à-vis Judaism.

The book is ready for purchase here, an excellent stocking stuffer.

T.J. Lang is Lecturer in New Testament in the Department of Theology and Religion.


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