Durham University Theology Society Trip to Rome 2015

Durham, Theology Society, Vatican

Nicolete Burbach, Grace Tseng, Olivia Fluck, Hannah Peat, John Baptist, ​Georgie Moore, Marie Flanagan, Sarah Crozier, Millie Swan, Tristan Marris.  Front row kneeling: Lucinda Murphy, Lloyd Brown, Janelle Small, Julia Puddicombe, and Ricky Whitefield.

From the 17th-20th March the Theology society led a trip to Rome. It was an amazing experience to visit Rome and Vatican City with such lovely likeminded people.

Our accommodation was close to the centre of the city and we were able to get to all of the main attractions easily. Our visit to the general papal audience on the Wednesday morning was certainly a highlight, we were able to secure a shout-out for our group during the event, which read: ‘From England an ecumenical group of theology students from Durham University’. After the audience Hannah and I were fortunate to meet Pope Francis in person, even managing to take a selfie with him.

Thea, Hannah, and Pope Francis

Thea, Hannah, and Pope Francis

In between these special visits we made sure to visit the popular sites too. Our tour of the Vatican Museum with its ornate interior proved to be greatly interesting and we had rather an entertaining tour guide. Equally our visit to the Colloseum, Pantheon, and The Papal Basilica of St Mary Major and to the Castle of the Angels, where Pope Clement VII retreated to during the sack of Rome in 1527, was greatly enjoyable.

It amazes me that we managed to fit all of these visits into the four days we had in Rome, even managing a night out at a popular club. The amount of Pizza, Pasta and ice cream consumed within such a small space of time was just as impressive; sampling the local cuisine was a treat.

As an executive member and trip organizer, it was heart-warming to see the close friendships that were formed during the trip and it was truly a privilege to share this experience with everyone who attended. The time spent organizing the trip was certainly worth it and I look forward to our next trip to Fountains Abbey in York at the end of next term.

Thea Burton,  President of Durham University Theology Society, oversees the delegation of tasks to other members of the Executive Committee, ensures good relations between the Society and the Theology Department, and encourages the promotion of the Society across the University. This year Thea has worked alongside our society’s dedicated and hard working executive team in order to run trips to both Rome and Lindisfarne. In the last academic year we have held a careers event, regular Teaology sessions, Theology in the Pub-lic Square and film Nights.  Like our Facebook page and keep up on the events and projects of the Society:  Durham University Theology Society.

Durham University Theology Society, Religion, Vatican, Pope Francis, Theology, Religion, Durham University

Back three: Sarah Crozier, Millie Swan, John Baptist Front three: Grace Tseng, Julia Puddicombe, Hannah Burley Gregory Fairbanks, from the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Union Right side front: Thea Burton, Georgie Moore, Hannah Peat, Marie Flanagan, Lucinda Murphy, Yang Guo, Nicolete Burbach Right side back 3: Olivia Fluck, Ricky Whitefield, Tristan Marris.


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