One thought on “Funding the National Health Service (NHS) – Mark G. Hayes

  1. Lovely post, Mark! Thank you.
    This is a bit tangential, but in Berlin this week is the annual “week for carers” which is for people who are in the situation of acting as carers for family or friends – ie non-professionally. Museums, cinemas etc open their doors for them for free throughout the city, and there are programmes of events for them for fun – from ‘dance-cafes’ to concerts. Partly it is designed to encourage a culture of self-care for carers, as one can only care for others if one cares for oneself too… But it is also to recognise all that they do, to bring them into public view, see their faces, and thank them.
    I wish we could have something like that in Britain – maybe we need it for everyone who works for the NHS? They do difficult, stressful jobs for which they give their all…


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